The list price of the Ranger was 379 in 2004; the Ranger Compact was 402.
Model 94 was an icon amongst lever action rifles and the standard of comparison at the time.The Model 92 is the Winchester action designed for short, handgun length cartridges.A b Schoby, Michael (2007).One of these was the proliferation of telescopic sights.1964 edit Upon Olin's retirement, Olin Corporation's new chief executives sought to maximize company profitability, giving corporate preference to its flourishing chemical business over gun production, which was unprofitable and labor-intensive.Repeating Arms., Inc.Stamped sheet steel parts were substituted in non-critical areas for formerly forged steel parts.While the rifle's function, safety, and accuracy were not adversely affected, citation needed the changesin particular the sintered receiver, which was as strong as its solid-steel predecessor but which did not respond well to a traditional blued finishwere conspicuous and came as Winchester made even.The, model 1894 has been referred to as the "ultimate lever-action design" by firearms historians such.11 As of 1983, the Winchester 1894 holds the record for best-selling high-powered rifle.S.In a few years Olin was out of the gun business.If you insist on a Model 94 with a walnut stock these are the options: Traditional and Traditional CW rifles (as described above Timber (beefed-up action formerly called the "Big Bore" with an 18" ported barrel; now available.450 Marlin only Legacy (24 inch barrel.It was subsequently purchased by Belgian arms maker FN Herstal, which set about improving the whole Winchester line, instituting modern CNC methods of production at Winchester's factory while also seeking to expand the sales and marketing of Winchester rifles worldwide.Bolt action "mountain" rifles can be made as light as a Model 94 carbine, but even the best of them fall short of Winchester's classic lever gun in the carrying and handling departments.They spoil the rifle's balance, increase muzzle blast, and degrade the ballistics.The Model 94 Traditional has come a long way since the ill fated 1964 revision.A top-ejecting firearm cannot mount a telescopic scope on top of the receiverthe most convenient location for the shooterwithout interfering with cartridge ejection.The shell carrier and loading gate were revised to eliminate the cheesy look, and the roll pins disappeared, replaced by solid steel pins.

Despite its short overall length the Model 94 is not muzzle light, as are so many modern lightweight rifles.
The traditional design of the Model 94 did have some drawbacks.