win 94 30 30

Depending on condition and variation,.30 Model 94's value can range up to 2000 or more.
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If your gun fits the description I have assumed, take the 2200 and run.If the the rifle has never been fired before then you are looking at around 534 if you also have the carbine that has never been fired and the concquitive SN number then you are looking at around 1200 just wait awhile the price will.Guns were as common to us as baseball gloves.Of course, one rachael ray giveaways 2016 reason a gun could bring more than the guide books suggest is some documented association with a famous person or event.When I made the video I thought I hit in the stomach.But I have no idea what a "canon model".Taking a shot with the Winchester 94 30-30, at an 8 inch target, st bernard sports gift card 400 yards downrange; one shot, one kill!I need a square 7 inch target, I'd have hit the.Because i didn't use them anymore and thought someone else could get good use and enjoy these rare historic peices.Old I paid.00 dollars for a brand new one from a gun shop.It is not made like my other 30-30 which I know is a newermodel.I'll assume that you all have the most common, a standard sporting rifle, one of the most popular cartridges, and NRA Very Good condition (95 of the original finish and all original parts).We know that Gene has a rifle (26" barrel) and Tina's is chambered for the 30/30 cartridge.Log in or Sign up, important disclaimer, although The High Road has attempted to provide accurate information on the forum, The High Road assumes no responsibility for the accuracy of the information.
But even if 95, add 30 if manufactured prior to 1899, up to 50 hot chocolate gift box for deluxe features (fine wood, checkering and engraving 20 if it is a takedown model, and another 20 if chambered for one of the scarcer cartridges.

I bought one this last weekend (March 2011) in beautiful looking shape, possibly fired, maybe not.
That is how it is done!