top geek gifts 2016

This stand keeps your win free rent 2016 tablet upright for when you watch a movie or TV show.
You can buy the Jawbone in pretty much any mobile phone shop and I have seen prices as low.
These clever little boxes let you record programs to a hard drive, pause live TV and series link an entire season of a show ensuring you never miss it again.The Go-Pro 4 Black Edition (Paintball pwnage in 4K, totally geek chic). .The post you are viewing is out of date and almost certainly no longer accurate.Bluetooth Speakers 18, the, logitech X100 Bluetooth speakers are small, sleek and good-looking.Chances are the geek in your life doesnt get out much, but when he does he wanders around looking lost and confused.To paraphrase Bertrand Russel, Mathematics possesses not only truth but a beauty cold and austere, like that of sculpture.Add your suggestions to the comments.For just 25 the geek in your life can upload a limitless number of photos.This device tracks your fitness your walking, running, cycling, tennis, yoga or dancing and your sleeping.Weve all been there for sure!Whats great about this tech device is that it also syncs with your other apps like Spotify, Nest.Any one of these, from the mini Bluetooth speakers to the Roku streaming stick or even the cardboard tablet stand will be greeted with awe and big smiles from the person who receives.