Our pick for most delicious design is this plant-eating "Locavore" dinosaur.
A good vacuum sealer: A zipper-lock bag will work for basic, short-term sous vide cooking projects, but for extended cooking and storage, you'll want to pair your sous vide circulator with a vacuum sealer.Waterloo, London, seven-Course Tapas and Cocktails for Two at H10 Waterloo Sky Bar (144) 79, spitalfields, London, michelin Tasting Menu with Sparkling Brut for Two at Galvin La Chapelle (13) 180.And if you aren't a fan of garlic, your delicate fingers won't come close to the vampire slaying spice.Here's my guide to the tools you'll need (okay, and some of the toys you'll want) to start cooking restaurant-quality meals at home.They're both Polders, and one has a rope on it so if you're doing something else in another room, you can hang it around your neck.Round Trivet, cook up something here, if you live in a rental or want to maintain a kitchen, this is a must.This might be your chance!This one was pretty but if you prefer a "Kiss The Cook" option, be my guest.Theyre always trialling new recipes and experimenting with bold flavours, so anything food or drink related is sure to go down a treat with this lover of all things gourmand.Set includes an 8-piece cookie cutter set, 3-piece spatula set (Darth Vader, Yoda and R2-D2) and an R2-D2 apron.If you're as obsessed as we are, you'll want to check out the entire Star Wars Bakeware collection that includes pancake and popsicle molds.
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