A set of bath salts, lotion,shampoo etc-a basket full of all this plus some scented candles.
You can consider the fact of giving an idol of some god or goddess.Photo: Aaroneye Photo Video, photo: Randery Imagery, photo: Greycard Photography, photo: Wedding Documentary Photo Cinema, the Wedding Ceremony, after the baraat, the groom and his family/friends are received by the brides family and the ceremony begins.It should be very difficult to find something like this.(Note: gifts are given 1 per family; not per guest).Adventure Sports Package If your friend is an adrenaline junkie, then consider buying for him a sleek promo code holiday involving adventure sports like trekking, parachuting, bungee jumping and even whitewater rafting.These results are based on my norms instead of the societies norms.Here I have a list of gifts that we could generally give to a couple win model 94 who is getting married.However, you mom dad gift ideas christmas can still gift money, if you want.E.g-microwave -Shirt for the guy and some saree(Indian dress)for the bride.Are you too in search for something special?Hi Marta, Well you know the gift is the thing that beats the hell out of everyone.Last Post, this thread is marked as being about India.Diamond earrings and rings are also very popular options when it comes to wedding gifts.Make sure you put the cash inside an attractive envelope and give it to the couple on the occasion itself.Source: What's a good wedding gift for an Indian couple?So, a post-wedding spa session can be the ticket to ward off all the weariness and get rejuvenated for their future.This could be a little tricky as to which is to be bought, but what you can do instead is that you can make one wedding hamper.
Furniture, every newly married couple dreams of building a space of their own and it may be a great idea to contribute towards decorating that by gifting furniture for their room or home.
Silk Bedcover or some branded bedcover.

Some of these invitation cards might specifically ask you to avoid any gifts.