2011 to 2015 is the same thing which is first reformulation.
It's a shame what they have done to the original but me personally I can finally rest with my lndh vintage hunt.I don't club anymore though lol.New formulation performs at its best on clothing spray twice on the same spot on clothing.Yes the real vintage.I find do better on skin in terms of projection.Having said that, there is no denying over those years (2011-2015) the juices' colors and bottles are bit different but the formula still the same.I find original just a touch darker in terms of smell, yes it lasts a bit longer than first reformulation and projection is more noticeable.I just purchased a 100 ML and 60 ML 2010 batch: 0BAF.Only my 2016 is running low at 50, yes I'm crazy for it like that German fellow (Jeremy) on lol.If you see ingredient code, c1 and/or you see Arabic writing on the back of the box you have 2016 - present.Before I purchased the 2010 batches, the closest thing I had was a 4 digit batch from 2011 but even though it had a 4 digit code 1BAB it was the first RE-formulation so having a 4 digit code didn't automatically mean you had the.And I paid regular retail price no absurd pricing that you find on eBay.And I wear this birthday gift for two year old boy fragrance year round no issues but much better if you wore the latest formulation in the summer since it's lighter juice or get the Frozen one.One being stronger than others throughout this period could be a psychological thing.I might pick up the Zara's interpretation of this fragrance just to see how.(I don't have dry skin).But it is my favorite scent of all time (even the newest I like very much).I used to feel that way but the code, bYB02-2 doesn't lie, you can find that at the back and that is the ingredient code basically.When I asked a few girls what you like about it, a few of them said "I think it suits you or you smell very unique and different" and like I said it does when it mixes with my skin chemistry!