The limitations, in my opinion, are very minor compared to the overall benefits of having one.
To avoid pissing off and losing customers by the hassle of the switch, the new cards rewards almost have to be better than the old card.If you spend as much at Costco as I have, that is big news, and youve probably been anxiously awaiting the new Costco Visa Card details like I have.You gave us tons of great nominees, but we only have room for the top five.Besides the 55 annual fee to be a Costco member, the new Visa card from Citi will not incur any additional annual fees.The card comes with fraud protection, complimentary travel perks and upgrades, shopping discounts at specific supported retailers, and even travel and roadside assistance without additional fees or subscriptions.When will I get my new Costco Visa Card?Remember, the top five are based on your most misty's gift card popular nominations from the call for contenders thread earlier in the week.This week, we're looking at five of the best, based on your nominations.American Express' Blue Cash Preferred card isn't associated with a specific merchant or type of purchase, but it does offer hefty rewards for your purchases.You also get extended warranties on your purchases and purchase protection.It missed the top five by a few votes, but still deserve praise thanks to its impressive cash back, and the flexibility to deposit your 2 cash back rewards into an eligible Fidelity brokerage or investment account if you have one.Furthermore, Costco members using the new Visa card will enjoy 3 cash back while using it in restaurants and could be eligible for select travel purchases.At first, I was disappointed to hear the news.Not all credit cards are alike.