Another promise, another press conference, another politician acting like they being honest.
So why vote if our vote dont count But when it's time to tally win camera gear up, their gonna change the amount.
I might be from da hood, but you ain't fooling.
Because seven years after 9/11 still ain't at the root.Because you were to busy voting for American Idol.But we now cash rewards app cheat it's some bullshit maine.He said he's marching downtown but his feet hurt.The sun don't shine through the rain (The rain).All the satellites and you still cant find no Osoma.Besides the rent is due, puto, and we need work 44 37 yep i now you now about.Might vote for puffy or might vote for Oprah.I'ma take you on a tour just ride with.Then you gonna call your son, tell him come, carrying his rifle.Take you to the streets of Magnolia, take you to da bordera.You wanna now what it's like, then come take a ride with.Statue in New York shook her head and put her hand down.Tell da truth not a neighborhood conspiracy theory.President you always tellin' us that its all good But you ain't neva been in my hood You wanna now what it's like, then come take a ride with me And let me show you that it's real.That kinda sacrifice, You ain't never seen before.

Sound like a matrix, the vision is scary.
But we now it's some bullshit maine (Bullshit).
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