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Each time you play a game, youre actively creating a new story.
Wearables: Wearable devices are ripe for storymaking.
The magic of both of these apps is the total rewards plan worksheet hrm 300 social integration.Skip to Content, skip to Sitemap, search.Showcasing the 3b box promo code exciting locations they could fill up and fly tolike Thailand or Las Vegaswas an integral part of capturing attention.For example, NBC News created a chat bot within the messaging app Kik so people can request stories on topics such as politics and technology.While streaming technologies can be used for broadcast purposes (its common enough to see people using them to stream TV shows its a far more interesting experience when the person or brand doing the streaming starts responding to the audience, and even changing the flow.The best way to think about the potential of virtual reality is to consider the difference between watching a video and playing a video game.Start by visiting the Velocity Frequent Flyer website, log in to your Velocity account and click the pay with points in-store option from the menu on the left: Then, if youve previously created a four-digit Velocity PIN, scroll down and click on the deactivate here.Your audience will just appreciate that your messaging speaks to them in such a relevant way that its a springboard for creating their stories.After all, data is generated from peoples bodies their heartbeat, their gait, their circadian rhythms, their brainwaves.Virtual reality: Immersive creative experiences such as those possible through Oculus Rift, Magic Leap and other technologies could be very controlled and rigid, or they could be totally different for each person every time.Hot on the heels of BPs global brand repositioning, designed to reorientate the entire business around the needs of the customers, BP decided to partner with a rewards program that gives something back to shoppers for their decision to visit BPthe chance to top.Document title, document title, share).Its not how the brands technology makes someone live better; its about all the specific ways each individuals life has improved.Source: m; Four Technologies That Are Powering Storymaking.Take two people running the same lap at the same pace their physical activity data will show subtle differences.It can even add a modicum of suspense, where no one can predict exactly what will happen even the video producer.
Even more straightforward approaches like touring a distant hotel property or getting backstage access at a concert could turn into stories that are co-created with participants.