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Using Bing for searches on your PC gives you 1 credit for every 2 searches, up to a maximum of 15 credits per day.
It can't hurt browse through the sports trivia gifts available rewards first and set a goal to earn enough credits to get it (you can do this with the handy goal button on each reward page).
It will take forever to accomplish this on your own, but Bing points out on the reward page that 60 parents participating in Bing Rewards for just a month could earn enough for a Surface tablet for their school.
The redemption of 100 credits results in a donation of 1 for Boys Girls Clubs of America, Kids in Need Foundation or Teach for America.Click on the Bing Rewards button to [email protected] RobertWeber76, Do you have one Bing Rewards Account? .Once a Member completes the Welcome to Rewards tour, redeems their first reward and has accumulated at least 200 credits, they move up to Silver level.In one year, they say, 125 parents participating in Bing Rewards could earn tablets for an entire classroom.Mobile users can also access Bing Rewards through their default mobile web browser.Are you using Bing Toolbar Email discount umpire apparel app?Of course, if you dont want the rewards for yourself, Bing encourages members to donate their credits to a worthy cause.Bing Rewards status levels?Each one has two different points level options; for example, you can choose to redeem 40 credits (35 for Gold members) for 10 entries to the Microsoft Band proplants promo code 2017 sweepstakes, or 20 credits (15 for Gold members) for 1 entry.Bing reward program lets you earn credit for searching on Bing and trying new features with them.
It certainly hasn't hurt.
Not feeling altruistic today?